Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society Fundraising party at Forest Park Carousel

The Woodhaven Cultural and Historical Society is hosting a party at the historic Forest Park Carousel this Friday, June 24, from 6-8:30 p.m.

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All aboard the Woodhaven Express! (New Ride at Forest Park Carousel)

The Forest Park Carousel introduced a brand new train ride this weekend that kids are going to love.

The classic old-fashioned locomotive sits to the side of the carousel and consists of four cars – an engine, two boxcars and caboose – and children and their parents can sit comfortably inside.

When New York Carousel signed on as caretakers of our beloved carousel, they made it clear that one of their priorities was to get more than one ride running at the site in Forest Park. But the organization had other priorities they needed to take care of first.

For starters, they needed to get the ride operational and they had less than three weeks from the date they signed the contract to do so. The first thing they did was to eliminate the floor-to-ceiling bars that blocked everyone’s view of the ride and replace it with a chest-high railing.

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Memorial Day Weekend Signals Start of Free Entertainment at Forest Park Carousel

The Forum Newsgroup

Memorial Day weekend has long been considered the unofficial start of summer. This year’s holiday weekend features an added attraction: the official opening of free entertainment at the renovated Forest Park Carousel.

Constructed by William Dentzel and crafted by master wood-carver Daniel Muller more than 100 years ago, the Carousel boasts three rows, 36 jumping horses, 13 standing horses, a lion, a tiger, a deer, two chariots, and an A. Ruth & Sohn organ.

According to the city Parks Department, Muller created figures for 12 carousels in his lifetime. However, according to Forest Park Carousel operator New York Carousel, many of Muller’s carvings were either destroyed or the carousels were broken up and the animals were sold off individually.  Forest Park’s is one of only two that remain.

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Taking a ride on the Forest Park Carousel

The Times Newsweekly

For over a century, a carousel in Forest Park has been part of growing up in Woodhaven, Glendale, Ridgewood and many of the nearby neighborhoods in Queens and Brooklyn. In many families, several generations have fond memories of riding on the carousel as children, and have passed along the tradition by taking their own children or grandchildren for their first ride.

The Forest Park Carousel is still going strong and will be officially opening its 2015 season on Memorial Day weekend and will be open seven days a week thereafter (open on weekends until then). Throughout the summer, the carousel will be the scene of many birthday parties, and there are clown and magic shows scheduled every Saturday and Sunday.

It is truly a fun ride, but it is also an important historical location and a beautiful artistic creation. When you take a ride on this carousel, you are riding on something that millions of children have ridden on over the past century.

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The Forest Park Carousel – Smooth Rides for 2015

Ed Wendell’s great video on our off-season refurbishment of the Forest Park Carousel.

NYC’s lesser-known boroughs have a lot to offer

USA Today

Los Angeles-based television executive Stephen Tao has found there is more to New York than Manhattan.

He took “a respite from the city” at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, dined in the borough’s Park Slope neighborhood and shopped in its DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) neighborhood.

The DUMBO shops “felt less crowded than their Manhattan counterparts and equally hip,” says Tao, who also has ridden the ferry to Staten Island and visited the vast Chinese neighborhood in Flushing, Queens.

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Queens: The Borough of Hidden Gems

The Epoch Times

Despite having the best transit network in the country, New Yorkers can be incredibly provincial. Many never venture outside of their neighborhoods or boroughs, and many never need to.

Up until a few years ago, travel journalist and fourth generation New Yorker Adrienne Jo Onofri felt the same way, spending her career writing about cities around the world but seeing little of her own backyard. But since then she’s walked the entirety of both Brooklyn and Queens.

Popular and increasingly expensive neighborhoods like Long Island City and Astoria are still out of roaming range for many city natives, and even those who live a subway stop away may not realize Queens’s little known gems.

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Students Put Woodhaven’s History on Display

The Forum Newsgroup

The Woodhaven Cultural and Historical Society is adding some color into students’ lives by asking them to envision their community without any.

A Woodhaven coloring book was only one of the several projects the group was helping students at St. Thomas the Apostle’s Woodhaven history club explore, along with researching the history of the Wyckoff-Snedicker family cemetery on 96th Street and crafting a video on the history of Forest Park.

Ed Wendell of the historical society said his group wanted to reach out to schools throughout the community and engage them through stories of the past.

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Woodhaven Developments

Queens Chronicle

Last year at this time, the quest for the landmarking of our Daniel Muller-carved carousel was attained.

The Forest Park Carousel is truly “the Jewel of Forest Park.” In the years that followed of closing and disrepair in the 1980s, the Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation continued to gain support for landmarking through many years. In this way, our “jewel” would never be closed or neglected and funds could be accessed for its maintenance, security and care and with this protection our beloved carousel will be saved once and for all!

After the GWDC’s correspondence through the years with voluminous files of letters and information from our GWDC office to the Landmark Preservation Commission and the strong advocacy of our Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, the landmarking of the “Jewel of Forest Park” was made official on June 25, 2013. A year goes so fast.

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85 Degrees, 100 Percent Free

New York Times

The escape artist Harry Houdini (1874-1926) is buried, somewhat obscurely, in Machpelah Cemetery in Ridgewood, Queens. In the 21st century, vintage entertainments that Houdini would have been well acquainted with are alive and well in neighboring Forest Park, where free weekly clown and magic shows are on offer throughout June and July. Performers including the Amazing Captain Faust, Bonkerz the Clown, and Sammie and Tudie will amaze and delight near the park’s carousel, a city landmark carved in Houdini’s heyday, way back in 1903. (While the shows are FREE, a ride will set you back $3.)

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