Memorial Day Weekend Signals Start of Free Entertainment at Forest Park Carousel

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Memorial Day weekend has long been considered the unofficial start of summer. This year’s holiday weekend features an added attraction: the official opening of free entertainment at the renovated Forest Park Carousel.

Constructed by William Dentzel and crafted by master wood-carver Daniel Muller more than 100 years ago, the Carousel boasts three rows, 36 jumping horses, 13 standing horses, a lion, a tiger, a deer, two chariots, and an A. Ruth & Sohn organ.

According to the city Parks Department, Muller created figures for 12 carousels in his lifetime. However, according to Forest Park Carousel operator New York Carousel, many of Muller’s carvings were either destroyed or the carousels were broken up and the animals were sold off individually.  Forest Park’s is one of only two that remain.

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