Carousel History

Ride Information:

  • 3 rows
  • 36 jumping horses
  • 13 standing horses
  • 3 menagerie animal
  • 2 chariots
  • A. Ruth & Sohn band organ


William H. Dentzel’s company built the carousel frame.



Photo courtesy of History House Photos


In 1903 Daniel Muller, of D.C. Muller and Brothers, carved the horses and menagerie. The ride operated at Lakeview Park in Massachusetts from 1903 through 1971 (pictured left). Daniel Muller was known for realistic animals. He was formally trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and had fantastic attention to detail. While they also carved for other carousel companies, Daniel and his brother Alfred made 12 complete carousels together. Mueller specialized in military animals and his carvings had
intricate detailing.



Sadly, many of his carvings were either destroyed or the carousels were broken up and the animals were sold off individually. The Forest Park Carousel is one of only two Muller carousels that still exist intact and run for the public. We are proud to operate this piece of American history.

Photo courtesy of the New York Department of Parks and Recreation


Forest Park’s first carousel burned in a fire. The carousel was completely lost.




After moving from Massachusetts the current carousel opened at Forest Park in November, 1973. It had previously undergone two years of restoration. It was owned by a concessionaire, Restaurant Associates. Arthur Schleifer, the Director of Park Planning for the company at the time, told the New York Times, “We decided to restore it [the carousel] because it is a work of art. It can’t be duplicated today. It’s all hand-made.”




The carousel closed, disappointing the families in the neighborhoods surrounding Forest Park.




The carousel re-opens Memorial Day Weekend and is run by NY Carousel. A refurbishment process expected to span a decade begins, it will ensure that the carousel runs for future generations of New Yorkers.




In 2013 the Forest Park Carousel became a Designated Landmark of New York City. It is the only carousel that is also a New York City landmark.