Ready for a spin in Forest Park?

Queens Leader/Observer

These might be the luckiest two guys in our community. Imagine spending day after day with a beautiful landmark such as The Forest Park Carousel – and getting paid for it!

Daeshawn Grimes and Jason Guzman do just that, managing the historic attraction which will be open seven days a week starting this coming Memorial Day weekend.

“It’s amazing,” Daeshawn said, describing his job as operations manager for the century-old ride, which was afforded New York City landmark status last summer. “Every day is something new.”

Daeshawn starts each day by inspecting the ride and performing mechanical repairs when necessary. He recently oversaw a minor facelift, replacing nearly 300 old light bulbs on the carousel’s overhead arms with LEDs, as well as replacing the worn inside mirrors with beautiful crystal glass.

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Bright new look for the historic Forest Park Carousel just in time for summer

NY Daily News

The Forest Park Carousel got some bling this spring.

Aging mirrors on the historic carousel were replaced with sparkling glass two weeks ago, and last month 270 faded light bulbs were swapped out for eco-friendly LEDs.

“The carousel looks better than ever,” said David Galst, managing director of NY Carousel, which has operated the ride since 2012 and has planned the upgrade for months.

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Forest Park Carousel Reopens

Queens Tribune

The Forest Park Carousel is reopening for its third season since being taken over by its current operator, New York Carousel.

Ami Abramson, the head of the company that operates the carousel in Forest Park and in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, said it has been a successful two years so far, with more people visiting the carousel as it gains more attention.

According to Abramson, about 30,000 people rode the carousel this past season, compared to about the 25,000 that got on the merry-go-round the first year it reopened.

Abramson said the increased ridership was due to accolades becoming a landmark, and the continued promotion of the ride including its events they would host during the summer.

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Feting a carousel set to spin in Forest Park for generations to come

The Forum Newsgroup

This week’s ceremony celebrating the landmarking of the Forest Park Carousel was, civic leaders and legislators said, the culmination of 25 years of working to save the historic and beloved structure that residents say will now be preserved as an integral part of the community for generations to come.

“Over the years, many said it would never happen, but we had faith,” said Greater Woodhaven Development Corporation Executive Director Maria Thomson, who has for two and a half decades fought to landmark the 1903 carousel. “Today is proof that faith has been rewarded.”

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Forest Park Carousel spins its way onto Landmarks list

The Times-Ledger

The century-old Forest Park carousel in Forest Park continues to spin, but it now bears a new plaque signifying its special landmark status.

Civic leaders and residents of Queens gathered in Woodhaven at the carousel Monday to celebrate the decision by the city Landmarks Preservation Commission to landmark the ride.

The special status means a property has historical, cultural or aesthetic value and is an important part of the city’s heritage. The designation also means the carousel is required to be kept in good condition and the commission must approve any alteration, reconstruction, demolition or new construction that could affect it.

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Forest Park Carousel honored in landmarking ceremony

The Queens Courier

Elected officials, residents and members of the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) held a ceremony to commemorate the designation of the Forest Park Carousel on Monday.

To honor the new landmark, the LPC unveiled a plaque, which states the history of the century-old carousel and its designer, Daniel Muller.

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Newly landmarked Forest Park Carousel extends the fun this weekend

The New York Daily News

The historic Forest Park Carousel is celebrating its landmark status with an extra weekend of fun.

Operators of the century-old wooden amusement said they will extend the season through Nov. 2 and 3 to give carousel lovers one more chance to take a spin on the century old ride — days after city officials formally marked the landmarking by installing a plaque on Monday.

“We felt it was only appropriate to let the people of New York ride their newly landmarked carousel,” said David Galst, director of operations for New York Carousel.

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Empire Forest Park Carousel

The Forest Park Carousel is a landmark attraction in one of Queen’s largest and most popular green spaces. The historic ride was originally carved in 1903 by master artisan Daniel C. Muller and has stood as the centerpiece of Forest Park since the 1970s. The artistically designed and intricate sculptures predominantly depict jumping horses, but also include a tiger, lion, deer and two chariots. Muller and his company were known for woodwork that showed meticulous attention to detail and incredibly realistic portrayals. After fire destroyed the initial structure in the 1960s a second carousel, produced by the same artist, was brought in from Massachusetts to replace it. Today, the Forest Park Carousel stands as one of only two enduring Muller carousels in the world that remain intact and accessible to the public.

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Most magical carousels in the US


Take a spin on New York City’s first carousel to gain landmark status. In 1903, D.C. Muller and Brother, a carousel-maker known for its intricate and realistic carvings, created the 46 horses, the lion, the tiger, the deer and the two chariots that today, bring joy to kids and adults alike. The carousel is one of only two D.C. Muller and Brother carousels that is still operating and is currently undergoing refurbishment.

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